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Are you looking for a Lawyer for your Employment Contracts in Ontario? Our employment contracts lawyer offers assistance in forming new employent contracts, drafting customized agreements, and negotiating. We guide businesses through employment contracts with a collaborative approach and a focus on tailored solutions to create strong and harmonious relationships that lead to long-term success.

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Toronto Employment Contracts Lawyer​

What are Employment Contracts?

An employment contract is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee that outlines the terms and conditions of employment. This comprehensive document typically specifies details such as the job role, responsibilities, duration of employment, compensation, benefits, grounds for termination, and other pertinent clauses such as confidentiality and non-compete stipulations. By clearly defining expectations and obligations, an employment contract establishes a transparent and mutually beneficial professional relationship while providing legal safeguards for both parties.

Employment Contracts
Employment Contracts

Benefits of Employment Contracts

A well-drafted employment contract offers several benefits:

Clarity and Certainty: A comprehensive employment contract clearly outlines the expectations, roles, responsibilities, and compensation, thereby minimizing ambiguity and fostering a transparent working relationship.

Risk Mitigation: By detailing conditions such as confidentiality, non-compete, and termination clauses, a well-crafted employment contract can protect the interests of both parties and mitigate legal risks.

Conflict Reduction: Defined terms help prevent misunderstandings and disputes, ensuring smoother professional interactions and contributing to a healthier workplace environment.

Retention and Loyalty: An employment contract that clearly outlines benefits, growth opportunities, and fair terms of employment can enhance employee retention and loyalty.

Legal Compliance and Protection: A well-drafted contract ensures compliance with employment laws and regulations, safeguarding the employer and the employee against potential legal ramifications.

Importance of Customized Employment Contracts

Balancing Employer and Employee Interests

At our law firm, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for employment contracts. Each business has unique needs and challenges. We can create customized agreements that balance the interests of the employer and employee. This approach not only promotes a harmonious workplace but also mitigates potential legal disputes.


Ensuring Legal Compliance

The legal landscape of employment law is constantly evolving. Our team stays abreast of the latest legal changes to ensure that your employment contracts are compliant with current laws and regulations. This proactive approach helps in minimizing the risk of legal complications and ensures that your business practices adhere to the highest standards of legal and ethical compliance.


If you need assistance from a Toronto Employment Contracts Lawyer, contact us today and see how we can help you.

Business Contracts
Business Contract Services

Business Lawyer Price List

Startup & Formation

Federal Incorporation
$795 + HST + Disbursements
Ontario Incorporation
$795 + HST + Disbursements
Professional Corporation
$795 + HST + Disbursements

Incorporation Packages Include

  • Simple Share Structure
  • Meeting with Client
  • Corporate Name Searches
  • Business Registry
  • Articles & Certificate of Incorporation
  • Minute Book


Articles of Amendment (Business Name)
$395 + HST + Disbursements
Articles of Amendment (Share Reorganization)
$895 + HST + Disbursements
Business Name Registration
$300 + HST + Disbursements
Articles of Amalgamation
$1,500 + HST + Disbursements
Shareholders Agreements
$2,250 + HST + Disbursements
Application for Certificate of Authorization
$245 + HST + Disbursements
New Corporation Minute Book Creation
$550 + HST + Disbursements

Operations & Management

Existing Corporation Minute Book Creation
$850 + HST + Disbursements
Annual Resolution
$300 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Partnership Agreement Review
$950 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Partnership Agreement Drafting
$1,500 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Joint Venture Agreement Drafting
$1,500 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Asset Business Purchase or Sale Agreement Review
$950 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Asset Business Purchase or Sale Agreement Transaction
Starting at $3,500 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Independent Contractor Agreement
$850 + HST
Basic Employment Contract Drafting
$850 + HST
Basic Non Disclosure Agreement Drafting
$395 + HST
Basic Service Agreement Drafting
$850 + HST
Basic Cease & Desist Letter Drafting
$395 + HST
Employee Handbook
$1,995 + HST
Website Privacy Policy
$395 + HST
Website Terms & Conditions
$395 + HST


Franchise Documentation Review

Review of franchise agreement and disclosure document

$1,500 + HST + Disbursements
Franchise System Establishment (Incubation)

Franchise incubation where we take a client with an 'idea' through to the point where they are prepared to start the formal process of legal documentation.

Starting at $3,000 + HST + Disbursements
Franchise System Establishment (Incubation & Documentation)

Franchise documentation where we provide the incubation and preparation of the Franchise Code Compliant franchise agreement and disclosure document and any other requested documents such as operations manual and development of franchise marketing & recruitment policy. Contact us for a detailed quote for your circumstances.

Starting at $10,000 + HST + Disbursements


General Security Agreement Registration
$950 + HST + Disbursements
General Security Agreement Drafting
$2,000 - $4,000 + HST + Disbursements

Business Exit

Articles of Dissolution
$1,250 + HST + Disbursements
Basic Share Purchase or Sale Transaction

Starting at $2,150 + HST + Disbursements

*Prices are subject to change depending on the circumstances and the complexity of each matter.

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Employment Contracts Frequently Asked Questions

An employment contract in Ontario is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee and typically outlines the terms of employment, including job responsibilities, salary, benefits, and conditions for termination.

While a written contract is not legally mandatory in Ontario, it is highly recommended. Verbal agreements are also legally binding, but written contracts provide clear evidence of the terms agreed upon.

An employment contract in Ontario should include details like job description, salary or wage, work hours, benefits, vacation entitlement, termination conditions, and any applicable clauses like non-compete or confidentiality agreements.

An employment contract cannot provide terms less favourable than the minimum standards set by the Ontario Employment Standards Act. Any term that does so is invalid and unenforceable.

Disputes can be resolved through internal company procedures, mediation, arbitration, or through the Ontario courts or tribunals, depending on the nature of the dispute and the terms of the contract.

Yes, employees can negotiate terms of an employment contract before signing. It's advisable to review and understand all terms and seek legal advice if necessary.

If an employment contract is breached, the wronged party may seek remedies such as damages, specific performance, or contract termination, depending on the nature of the breach and contract terms.

Non-compete clauses are enforceable in Ontario only if they are reasonable in terms of duration, geographic scope, and type of employment or service. Overly restrictive non-compete clauses may be deemed unenforceable.

Termination clauses in employment contracts must comply with the minimum notice or pay in lieu of notice as per the Ontario Employment Standards Act. The contract may provide more but not less than these minimum standards.

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