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Real estate lawyer in Toronto ready to assist with your transactions. From reviewing purchase and sale agreements to conducting title searches and working with financial institutions for a timely and smooth closing, we assist our clients every step of the real estate legal transaction.

We provide representation and consultation in real estate areas including:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Recreational property
  • Rural property
  • Investment property
  • Mortgage, financing and refinancing
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Real Estate Law: Our Process

Real estate transactions are often the most significant deals a person will be involved in during their lifetime. We recognize real estate transactions involve different types of properties, their unique considerations and guide our clients through the complexities.

Our real estate lawyer is involved directly from the beginning to ensure potential issues are dealt with before they transform into a problem. We value long-lasting client relationships by maintaining regular communication and providing updates, guaranteeing that each client receives individualized attention.

Real estate lawyer at Insight Law Professional Corporation is conveniently located in midtown Toronto, minutes from the Eglinton-Yonge station.


Real Estate Legal Services

Purchasing Real Estate in Toronto

Real estate lawyers play an essential role early on when purchasing real estate in Toronto. Purchasing real estate in Toronto can be complex and challenging, but with the right team, it can also be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Working with experienced professionals ensures your purchase goes smoothly and your interests are protected at every step.

Real estate lawyer should be contacted as soon as the purchase and sale agreement for the new home is signed.

At Insight Law Professional Corporation, our real estate lawyer will conduct a title search, secure your title insurance, complete the registration under your name, prepare your Statement of Adjustments, and handle the financial aspects of the transaction on closing day. After the transaction is finalized, the real estate lawyer will provide you with the lockbox code to access your new home. With the expertise of a skilled real estate lawyer, your home purchase in Toronto can be smooth and stress-free.

Purchasing Real Estate in Toronto
Selling Real Estate in Toronto​

Selling Real Estate in Toronto

Real estate lawyers play a key role when selling real estate in Toronto, a process that involves complex legal requirements to ensure a successful and legally compliant transaction. As a seller, understanding your legal obligations and working with a knowledgeable Toronto real estate lawyer are crucial to protecting your rights and interests.

Selling real estate in Toronto is a complex and legally binding process. By engaging a qualified Toronto real estate lawyer, you can ensure that legal requirements are met and your rights and interests are safeguarded throughout the transaction.

Mortgage Transactions (Refinance)

Real estate lawyers can assist with mortgage refinancing. Refinancing your home can be a wise financial move, allowing you to access the equity in your property and potentially lower your monthly mortgage payments. However, the process of refinancing can be complex, and it’s essential to work with a Toronto real estate lawyer to protect your interests.

By reviewing mortgage documents, conducting title searches, coordinating with the lender, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing legal advice, your lawyer can help you navigate the refinancing process.

Mortgage Refinance​
Transfer of Ownership Title​

Transferring title ownership involves adding or removing a person from the ownership or title of a property, and this process is typically carried out by lawyers.

Aside from the typical reasons related to buying or selling a property, individuals may have various other motives for transferring partial or full ownership of a property. Some common causes for a title transfer include divorce or separation, fulfilling mortgage or refinancing obligations, transfers between trustees and nominees, and survivorship applications to acquire sole ownership of a property after the passing of a spouse or partner.

If you need a Toronto Real Estate lawyer for such transaction, give us a Call!

Assignment of Property

An Assignment refers to a transaction in which the original purchaser of a property (the Assignor), grants another buyer (the Assignee) the right to take over their Agreement of Purchase & Sale before the original buyer completes the transaction.

This type of transaction is mostly seen in pre-built homes and condominiums, where the Assignee will eventually finalize the transaction with the seller (the builder). Until the transaction is completed by the Assignee, the Assignor remains responsible under the Agreement of Purchase & Sale. The Assignor must obtain written approval from the seller to assign the property, and if approved, there may be a fee involved, and specific conditions must be met.

If you need assistance from a Toronto Real Estate Lawyer for an assignment of property, Contact Us!

Assignment of Property​
Survivorship Applications in Ontario

A Survivorship Application in Toronto is a legal procedure used when one owner of a property held in joint tenancy passes away. In such instances, the property is automatically passed to the surviving joint tenant(s) without going through probate or being included in the deceased’s estate for distribution. This process is based on the principle of the “right of survivorship”, a feature of joint tenancy ownership.

The application is a document submitted to the Ontario Land Registry Office that allows the deceased individual’s name to be removed from the property title, effectively transferring full ownership to the surviving joint tenant(s). The application must be accompanied by a copy of the death certificate and any other required documents to prove the death of the joint tenant.

Our lawyer can conduct a status certificate review in Toronto at reasonable rates for condominium units to mitigate unwanted issues or delays. This certificate outlines crucial information, including the corporation’s budget, common expenses, ongoing legal matters, insurance status, imminent significant repairs or maintenance concerns, and the reserve fund. The reserve fund is to be used in the event of major expenses relating to common areas of the condominium such as renovations, or repairs to parking structures or balconies may draw from this fund. Inadequacies in the reserve fund might lead to substantial expenses and higher fees.

During the review of a status certificate, the lawyer will identify potential red flags that might lead to substantial future hikes in common expenses or other unwelcome surprises.

Condo Status Certificate Review​
Real Estate Title Search & Examination in Ontario

The title to a property acts as a legal document that lays out the ownership rights of that property. Conducting a thorough title review is crucial to reveal any possible issues that could affect the property’s ownership, value, and marketability. This process involves examining historical records, documents, and public records related to a property to determine its ownership history, legal status, and any potential issues that may exist.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell commercial property in Toronto, our law firm can assist you with these transactions.  We strive to make the process seamless for our clients. We will work closely with you to ensure that you understand the legal implications of your transaction, and we will help you identify any potential risks or issues that may arise.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. From conducting due diligence and drafting contracts to negotiating terms and closing the deal, we will be with you throughout the process to ensure your successful and efficient transaction.

Commercial Property Purchase & Sale​

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Real Estate Law Frequently Asked Questions


Buyers and sellers will want to contact a real estate lawyer as soon as an Offer to Purchase is signed. Conveyance of a property can be complex and time-consuming – real estate lawyers have the experience and expertise to make sure the process is smooth and headache-free. Your Lawyer can explain the terms in plain language the steps you will need to take and help you guide throughout the process.

Real estate lawyers provide a wide range of services, including drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating deals, conducting due diligence, advising on zoning and land use regulations, handling title searches, and order title insurance.

Whenever you are involved in a real estate transaction, whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or managing property, you should consider hiring or consulting a lawyer.

A title search is a process of examining public records to determine the legal ownership of a property and to identify any liens, mortgages, or other encumbrances on the property.

Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects the buyer and lender from losses that may occur due to defects in the title, such as undisclosed liens, boundary disputes, or errors in public records.

Disbursements refer to the various expenses incurred during a real estate transaction. These expenses can include things like land transfer taxes, title searches, title insurance, appraisal fees, tax certificates, software and office charges, and any other costs that are associated with the transfer of ownership from one party to another.

The Agreement of Sale and Purchase is a legally binding document that can be enforced in court. Therefore, it is not advisable to sign a second agreement without the seller's consent to release you from the first agreement, or without being willing and able to purchase both properties.

While it is possible to back out of a real estate deal, there are potential consequences. In cases where the seller incurs expenses such as mortgage holding costs or legal fees, or is unable to quickly resell the property, there is a likelihood that you may lose some or all of your deposit. Furthermore, if your offer was considerably higher than the new buyer's, the other party may choose to pursue legal action against you.

Purchasing land entails paying taxes to the Province of Ontario, determined by the land's assessed value. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may qualify for a partial land transfer tax refund.

Please refer to the Government of Ontario website for calculating the Ontario Land Transfer Tax:

If the property is located in Toronto then an additional Toronto Municipal Land Transfer Tax will also apply:

The cost of hiring a real estate lawyer varies depending on the nature of the work, the type of the real estate transaction, the complexity of the transaction, and the experience of the lawyer. Some lawyers charge on an hourly basis, while others charge a flat fee.

Real estate agents can help you find a property that suits your needs and provide valuable assistance in buying or selling a property, but they are not licensed to provide legal advice. It is important to hire a real estate lawyer to ensure that your legal interests are protected.

An agreement of purchase and sale is a legally binding agreement between a buyer and seller that outlines the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction, including the purchase price, financing terms, and contingencies. It defines the rights and obligations of both sides regarding the subject real estate transaction.

Typically, certain agreements of purchase and sale contain contingencies (or conditions) that must be met before a real estate transaction can be completed. Common contingencies include home inspections, financing approval, and appraisal.

An easement is the legal right for one property owner to enter another’s without permission. An Easement runs with the land and binds all subsequent owners.

Yes, a real estate lawyer can help with leasing commercial property by negotiating lease terms, reviewing contracts, and ensuring that the lease complies with applicable laws and regulations. Both landlords and tenants can hire their own real estate lawyers in order to obtain legal advice and other legal services regarding the lease.

Real Estate Lawyers handle the Conveyancing of the Property, which includes handling the paperwork that transfers the property title to your name, dealing with your mortgage financing, and coordinating paying the seller the purchase price. Real estate lawyers review the legal documents and issues related to a transaction, including the legal review of the Agreement of Purchase or Agreement of Sale.

Buying or selling a home in Toronto might be challenging since this may be the most important transaction in a lifetime. While making every effort to ensure the transaction is closed smoothly and on time, our lawyers will also assist you in understanding the details of your transaction and strive to be accessible to you throughout the process. We provide quality legal services in real estate law to individuals and businesses while protecting the best interest of our clients, even in the most complex matters.


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